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New Android apps worth downloading: Quicken Money Management, AOL On, Showtime Anytime

Here are three great Android apps to enjoy. Quicken Money Management is a great companion app for users of the Quicken 2013 desktop software so you can manage your finances from anywhere. AOL On is a handy video portal showcasing lots of great content from a variety of different sources. Finally, theres Showtime Anytime which enables subscribers to watch Showtimes original content from their devices, but unfortunately with a couple of big caveats.

Quicken Money Management (Free)

Whats it about? If youre a Quicken 2013 user, this handy app lets you keep track of all your finances on your Android smartphone or tablet while out and about.

Whats cool? The app lets you sync data between the PC and mobile versions seamlessly, but it also offers many of the features of its more powerful desktop companion. View balances and transactions, keep track of your finances and manually add expenses using the app. Quicken Money Management even lets you create and customize your home screen widget to display only what you want it to.

Who is it for? Clearly, the app only works in conjunction with the full Quicken desktop suite, but its more than just a stripped-down version, so is great for power users. The ability to get alerts sent to your device so you can stay on top of account changes is a handy feature for security and peace of mind.

Whats it like? Other great apps for managing your finances include, but this doesnt necessarily require independent software, but interacts with the companys main website instead, which also happens to be Intuit.

AOL On (Free)

Whats it about? Heres another great video portal for Android users as AOL continues to revamp and enhance its web and media offerings.

Whats cool? AOL On is a nicely designed app and easy to navigate. Its easy to discover all manner of video content from the latest news headlines to popular entertainment videos. Whether its breaking or trending, theres something here to enjoy. There are 14 channels to plow through including autos, business, style, health, travel, video games and more, as well as original content from AOL itself.

Who is it for? Sure, its no YouTube, but AOLs curated content from a variety of strong sources is still a fun app to browse through when you have a spare moment. For free, its certainly not a bad app to have around.

Whats it like? Naturally, YouTube is the big daddy of video content, but it isnt categorized or focused like AOL On. Other video apps worth checking out include Crackle Movies & TV and (for full shows), VEVO (for music video) and VideoSurf.

Showtime Anytime (Free)

Whats it about? So, in keeping with the TV theme, how about an app from the Showtime channel which allows you to watch their programming directly from your Android device?

Whats cool? The app offers unlimited access to Showtimes original series, uncut movies, sports, documentaries and more. Popular shows include award-winning dramas and comedies like Homeland, Dexter, Weeds, Nurse Jackie, Californication and Shameless. Its easy to organize your favorite shows and the app offers play-shifting so you can start watching on one device and finish viewing on another.

Who is it for? Now this might all sound hunky-dory for Showtime subscribers until you see the major snag: only those with AT&T Uverse or Verizon FiOS as their cable providers can see the shows, which is a real bummer. Hopefully more providers will be added soon. Still, Showtimes original TV content is pretty great.

Whats it like? HBO GO and MAX GO both offers a similar service, and while those apps also offer streaming through participating television providers, HBOs reach is clearly a little greater than Showtimes right now.

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