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Bring out the artist in you with these free Android drawing apps

If you enjoy drawing or sketching and own an Android phone or tablet, this article is for you. There are a good number of apps currently in Google Play that will help you tap into your creative side. I was pleasantly impressed with these apps and what you can do on an electronic canvas.

Infinite Design (Free Version) Free

The app starts off with a nice selection of video tutorials on how to use the app and its features. It also provides an explanation of each menu item and some helpful tips. The app layout is done in such a way to maximize the drawing area. The top of the screen is your menu, while the buttons on the bottom set colors and brush styles. There are over 10 different brush styles and five different types of symmetry you can use. You can create layers, have unlimited undo/redos and can save/export your file. There is a pro version to remove the ads and the developers also offer the Infinite Painter app.

Picasso - Draw, Paint, Doodle! Free

Picasso - Draw, Paint, Doodle is one of three drawing/painting apps from DPs World. This ad-supported app is very simple to use. There is no help section and it has only five menu items: paint the whole canvas, color selector, brush selector, eraser and undo. Within the brush selector, you can choose the size and up to four different styles. The app allows you to load stored photos from you device and paint on them The app does have a share feature so you can email your masterpiece to others.

Download the Appolicious Android app

Pocket Sketchbook Lite Free

Pocket Sketchbook has a nicely done help section to get you started with the features and even indicates which are only available in the pro version. To start, you set up your canvas or loaded photo. Once that is done, the menu is then displayed. As with the previous app, it has a very simple menu. The first button is the pen setting and within there you can choose color, style, shapes, text and so on. Many of these items are only available in the pro version, though. One of the other buttons on the menu is a zoom in/out button. This works very well when you need to work on small details. You can use the app in either portrait or landscape mode.

SketchBook Mobile Express Free

Sketchbook Mobile is one of the more popular drawing apps out there. When you first open the app, you see nothing but a small circle of dots. Tap those dots and the menu options open up. This app definitely was designed to give you the maximum drawing space. To start a new drawing or get to the very detailed help section, hit the phones menu button. The app has a huge number of options you can customize. You can add text, use different style brushes, add layers, create symmetric drawings, and import/export drawings. The free version offers a lot, but with the pro version, you get 40 extra brushes, a brush editor, up to six layers and can create larger sized canvas.

Paint Commander (Free Drawing) Free

Paint Commander is another easy to pick up and use drawing app. It is very straightforward and has no help section. Select your canvas, your brush style and color, and go. The app does have some nice options to it. There are 12 different brush styles and with each style you choose, you can select/edit a number of options. The app also has an image adjustment section where you can change saturation, contrast, brightness, hue and more. A pro version is available with no ads.

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